Palladadesign is a team of three professionals who fully know their business. We have been designing and developing websites since 2013. For the last three years, we have been completely focused on websites for cafes and restaurants. During this time, we have understood exactly what the customer needs and how the site should look like for a cafe and restaurant.
Be sure that the price of our services is the most honest, because we do not have a bloated staff, and we work as a small team without weekends and holidays 24/7. That is why we can keep the low prices and high quality of our products.
In order to make it easier for you to understand, we have developed three tariffs:
1. Just a site is not a complex site with a minimum of interactivity.
2. On – Line order is a more complex site with the help of which your client will be able to make an order through the site and you will deliver it to your home.
3. Restaurant chain is the most complex type of site for owners of a chain of cafes or restaurants, which combines several sites and on-line orders of dishes.
In order to reduce your costs, if you just want to try, we offer to rent the site for any period of one month.

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