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This tariff is suitable if you plan to regularly update information – promotions, events, events, changes in the menu, adding new videos and photos. We will develop for you all the necessary layouts and place them on the website.
And also we will monitor the relevance of information on maps, directories and thematic portals

What is included

-Creation of the website on the basis of the information provided by the customer in electronic form (pictures, text, prices, menu, logo and corporate identity) or on the basis of the information collected in the network
(social networks, restaurant sites, information guides, maps)

-Adjustment of the initial created version of the site, based on the wishes of the customer (replacement of text and graphic information, selection of high-quality illustrations from photo banks, adding or removing blocks and sections of the site)
-Selection and registration of a domain name taking into account the wishes of the customer
-Free hosting and annual renewal of domain registration
-Prompt introduction of changes provided by the customer within 12 hours (text and graphic information in electronic form) - up to 6 applications/month.
- Thematic design of the site for the holidays
- Development and placement of promotional banners, events and events (the customer provides a description of the action, the event on the basis of which we develop a banner) up to 10 layouts per month
- Размещение новых видео на канале youtube и добавление на сайт. Редактирование видео (нарезка, добавление логотипа, текста)
- Placement of new videos on the youtube channel and adding to the site. Video editing (cutting, adding a logo, text)
- Processing provided for adding photos and illustrations (up to 10 photos)
- Updating information in Google maps
- Updating of information on thematic portals, which contain information about the institution
- Add positive reviews to Google maps (1 review per month)
- Updating and changing information in printed materials – menus, promotions (subject to the order of manufacture in our company).
  • Development
  • $ 149 per month
  • Free web site
  • Correction of the elements of the web site
  • Free domain registration
  • Free hosting
  • Unlimited requests for changes in a month
  • Promotion of sites

All rates

Team of 3 professional Russian hackers, engaged in design
and website development since 2013,
Low prices and high quality of all our products.